When I opened my business, I wanted to make sure that everything about the building that we ran the business in was easily accessible.  We would be having customers and employees coming and going between multiple floors, and so I figured that having an elevator in the building was important.  Of course, as the building was being constructed, I needed to find a Minnesota elevator company that I could trust to safely install the elevator and perform maintenance on it whenever that might be necessary.  Obviously, the safety of my employees and customers was my top priority, so I needed to make sure that the company that I hired to install and service the elevator would make sure that everything was always safe and secure.  The worst thing that could happen to my business is for any of my customers to be stuck in a broken elevator for long periods of time, or for there to be some sort of accident on the property.

Thankfully, a good friend of mine suggested a local elevator company that had serviced the elevators in his building for years.  This company not only serviced elevators, but also installed them, and so this seemed like it might be a good fit for my building. I gave them a call in order to see what sort of an estimate they could give me if I showed them the layout of the building. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not nearly as expensive as I had thought.

The benefit of having the elevator serviced by the same company that installs it is the fact that they will know how the elevator functions inside and out. So far, everything has been good and we have not had any problems since the building opened last week.