Who would have thought that the written and read word could have such a valuable impact on personal and professional relationships? Words carefully and thoughtfully inscribed on paper and bound for the enjoyment, leisure and education of others.

The mind is a muscle that needs to be regularly exercised so that it can grow in health and strength. Reading, of course is just one of the physical regiments that you can put your brain through daily, keeping it sharp, active and on point.

For those like myself, challenging my brain to go further and further is always an activity that excites me. I often surf the internet searching for crosswords or other challenging brain teasers. Not only do you feel revitalized in body, but you feel like you can take on anything. Knowledge is power after all and believe me there is so much out there waiting to be discovered, all you need to do is seek.

Challenge yourself to learn new things, read up on things that fascinate you or persevere until you finish that crossword and you will begin to see the changes in other facets of your relationships, communication and work. Experience the joy of bringing some interesting and new to the table during your next social gathering or bringing some academic intelligence to the fore at the next monthly business meeting. Besides the obvious admiration at your new found information, the burst of confidence this knowledge provides is astounding.

You are certainly never too old or too young to learn, build your brain power and boost your knowledge. Encourage your children to train their brains and, very importantly, lead by example. A thirst for knowledge should be insatiable. The desire to flourish in personal and business situations is enough reason to bury your nose between the covers of a book. Explore and experience new worlds.