Are you thinking about getting started on a major home construction or renovation project? We think that if you have the money and you are on a great piece of land, you will want to get started on these projects quickly. We are in a good time to have these projects started, because the prices for getting construction work done and for the materials are not too high. Every year is different, and we are in a good place right now. But there are some things related to the project that you will want to plan for as well.

For instance, whether we are talking about a full scale construction of the home or just a renovation, there will be a ton of yard waste and junk that collects. Whether it is materials that are being torn down, or spare items from the things that are getting installed, or just wrappings and other junk, all of this needs to go somewhere. If you just assume the contractors will have a place to throw their junk, you are mistaken. Many times they will just leave it out in the street until the project is done. Then they will get rid of it.

If you live in a nice neighborhood and you want to be a good neighbor, or you just hate having such a mess filtering out into your yard, we think a yard waste container rental St. louis is a solid option. It is not going to cost you too much money, and you will be very pleased at the results. Now you will have a massive space where all of the trash can go. Most of these dumpsters have a lid that you can close up, which means the trash is not going to fly everywhere or get wet if there is a storm either!